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August 30, 2021

In a beautiful country home in Bethany

Lived two sisters and a brother.

Theirs was a home filled with love

Where the Master and his disciples sought

Solace from the harsh outside world.

Two beautiful sisters, two different temperaments

One was content to listen, the other to speak

One prided herself on her perceptible housekeeping

The other was not so concerned

One rebuked the Lord concerning the other

and got the reply – Place your priorities right!

One desired so much to minister to the Lord

that she forgot the Lord came to minister to her

At the death of the brother

One chided the Lord for lateness

The other was beyond words

One loquacious, the other taciturn 

Yet the Master responded adequately to each temperament.

Will Mary better acclaimed in heaven or receive more glory?

I think not!

Martha will receive no less welcome than her sister 

For though each sister expressed herself differently  

Yet the Master in His infinite wisdom knew how to respond to each 

Not excluding YOU. 


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